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Site of Waipi‘o Amphibious Base; April 1944


Image from Bishop Museum Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii. Images are not to be re-used without permission.

During World War II, the Army and Navy were empowered to take control of whatever land they chose. This sometimes happened simply by men arriving with no warning to move in, but more frequently was handled by signing leases. In other cases, however, land was condemned and owners were compelled to sell. One example of this process was the Waipi‘o Peninsula in Pearl Harbor, shown in this photo. The U.S. Navy condemned this land from its owner, the John I‘i Estate, forcing the disinterment of the remains of this famous Hawaiian historian of the 19th century from the family cemeter

Call Number: 1975.113, folder 1
Artifact Number: CP_96432
Location: Bishop Museum Archives