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F Company, Kaua‘i Volunteers


Image from Bishop Museum Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii. Images are not to be re-used without permission.

October 22, 1944

A unique part of Hawai‘i during World War II was the formation of quasi-military militias. These men wore uniforms and trained with weapons, but were not actually part of any branch of the U.S. military forces. The group in this photo, the Kaua‘i Volunteers, were all Filipino agricultural workers. While the general intention of the militias was to assist with war activities as required, in this particular case the additional benefit was to channel the anger that Filipino men felt about the invasion and occupation of their homeland by Japan. This defused possible conflicts between these men and their Japanese coworkers and neighbors on Kaua‘i.

Collection: General Photograph Collection
Call Number: Military. War. WWII. folder 1.
Artifact Number: SP 96451
Accession Number: 1977.446
Location: Bishop Museum Archives