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"Kilauea by Day"


Image from Bishop Museum Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii. Images are not to be re-used without permission.

Detail of "Kilauea by Day" oil on canvas by Titian Ramsey Peale. 1842.

Titian Ramsay Peale (1799-1885) was a member of the U.S. Exploring Expedition to the South Seas (1838-1842). This expedition, commanded by Charles Wilkes, arrived in Hawai‘i in September of 1840. In November of 1841, Peale and companions journeyed to Kīlauea, Hawai‘i, where the artist sketched several views of the volcanic crater. These sketches were the basis of paintings such as “Kilauea by Day.” They are combinations of actual observation and fabrication.

The detail of “Kilauea by Day” focuses on a group of ali‘i and attendants, as the artist imagined they would have appeared approximately 50 or more years earlier.

Collection: Art Collection
Artifact Number: SXC 76866
Accession Number: 1925.08 (589)
Location: Bishop Museum Archives