Explore the Strategy

Design an Activity

You will now take what you have learned about Hawaiian place-based learning and design an activity to do with your students. As you design this activity, look for ways to make it appropriate both to the grade-level of your students and the unique locations and place-based issues relevant to where your students live.

Step 1:

Begin by selecting a place.

Step 2:

Gather resources that students can use to learn more about the place and its history, cultural traditions, geography/geology/ecology, past/present, and land-use issues. You can use the Hawaiʻi Alive site or other local or online resources.

Step 3:

Using the Elements of Place Based Learning Chart as a sample, design a chart for your students to fill out as they look at the selected resources to learn more about the topic.

Step 4:

Finally, develop a rubric to evaluate your students' charts. Rubrics can help remind students of the list of things to get done. They can also help students to go the extra mile to raise personal performance expectations. Design your own rubric or adapt this sample rubric (PDF) to help you and your students assess their charts.