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Experience the Strategy

In this section, you will experience place-based learning by exploring Waikiki, its history, geography and ecology, cultural traditions, and current land-use issues.

Begin by watching the following video segments. As you watch, look for examples of the elements of place-based learning (history, culture, geography, etc.) that you learned about earlier in this session. Use the Elements of Place-Based Learning Chart (PDF) to take notes as you watch.

  • What did you learn about from this place-based learning activity?
  • How did this activity change or reinforce your understanding of Hawaiʻi?
  • How did this activity influence your understanding of and/or connection to Hawaiian culture? To that of your own community?
  • What issues or concerns about Waikiki did this activity raise for you? Why is this issue important to you? What agency, community group, or family can you contact to partner with the help you address this issue? What ideas do you have for resolving this issue?
  • What were the benefits and challenges of this place-based learning activity?